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You are guaranteed to receive the most effective lightning protection available.
What is a Lightning Protection System?
A lightning protection system is a passive means of preventing property damage from the effects of a lightning strike.
Who Needs Lightning Protection?
If your home or business meets 5 or more of the following criteria, you are in a high risk group.
Personal Lightning Safety
If you are outside and you notice a storm brewing, do you know what to do?
Lightning Protection Specifications
All lightning protection materials and components shall comply in weight, size and composition with UL96A and NFPA-780 lightning protection material code requirements for this type of structure.
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Who Needs Lightning Protection?

Lightning can strike anywhere and do millions of dollars worth of damage. Lightning is to blame for more deaths and property loss than tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods combined. And although we cannot yet predict where lightning will strike, there are some factors that increase the risk of a lightning strike. If your home or business meets 5 or more of the following criteria, you are in a high risk group.

  • has had previous lightning damage
  • is located in an isolated, open area
  • is located on a hill
  • located near a large body of water
  • is located in an area that has a high number of thunderstorms
  • has tall trees overhanging the roof
  • has metal, brick or stone chimney brick
  • has metal ridge vent
  • has aluminum siding
  • has no surge protection

As homes and businesses use more sensitive electronic equipment, it might be a smart idea if every building has a lightning protection system. This would prevent millions of dollars spent in replacing or repairing damaged equipment.

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