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You are guaranteed to receive the most effective lightning protection available.
What is a Lightning Protection System?
A lightning protection system is a passive means of preventing property damage from the effects of a lightning strike.
Who Needs Lightning Protection?
If your home or business meets 5 or more of the following criteria, you are in a high risk group.
Personal Lightning Safety
If you are outside and you notice a storm brewing, do you know what to do?
Lightning Protection Specifications
All lightning protection materials and components shall comply in weight, size and composition with UL96A and NFPA-780 lightning protection material code requirements for this type of structure.
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About Lightning Systems of Virginia, LLC

We at Lightning Systems of Virginia LLC know how unpredictable and destructive Mother Nature can be. It is impossible to accurately control nature’s destruction. But with years of knowledge and improving technology we can harness nature’s most destructive and deadly occurrences, lightning. Each year an estimated 500 million dollars are lost to lightning damage, either by structural damage or electrical surges. Unlike tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards and floods, lightning can be controlled. With the proper lightning system, the massive eLightning Protection Institutelectrical current can be directed safely to the ground with no damage.

Lightning Systems of Virginia LLC (LSV) is listed by both the Lightning Protection Institute and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Our installers are certified under Lightning Protection Institute. What does that mean? National Fire Protection AssociationWe assure that you receive a system that meets national standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. We also have a Master Label Certification Program, which is a program set up by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. to insure their standards are met. They can send an inspector to your house or business to inspect our work and guarantee it meets their approval. We know lightning protection is new to most people so we haveUnderwriters Laboratories, Inc. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and Lightning Protection Institute back up our systems. You are guaranteed to receive the most effective lightning protection available.


If you are worried about an unsightly cable draped over your house, don’t be. With our techniques and your help in the design process, we can provide you with a virtually invisible system, except for the lightning rod themselves. We can actually conceal the system inside your home or business with no threat of damage. With your help, we can design a system that will aesthetically please you and provide full protection.

A properly installed lightning system is only part of our services. Electronic devices also need protection (computer, TV, stereo, VCR, etc.). Damage caused by electrical surges can be prevented. We can install surge protection at your electrical box and each device. Again, all surge protection devices we use are listed under Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and have manufacturer’s warrantees.

LSV is here to serve so you can sit back and enjoy the sites and sounds of the next thunderstorm with no worries of damage.

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